De nieuwe standaard voor culturele uitwisseling tussen
Nederland en de Filippijnen

About The Netherlands

Cheese, windmills, and tulips are the most famous icons of our culture. But next to this Holland's culture has more to offer you.

The Dutch are considered to be good at speaking foreign languages. This is because Holland has a high standard of education and an education system that focuses on the international position of the country. English teaching starts in the last 2 years of primary school and is an obligatory part of the national exam.

Holland is known for its open and friendly culture for many decades. You will notice the flexible and open spirit immediately the moment they are here. Therefore integration and adaptation will be easy for motivated au pairs. Do not be afraid to ask questions to people you don't know. Dutch people are very hospitable and will help you to solve a problem. The Dutch are known for their professionalism; they like to get down to business straight away and have a no-nonsense culture. Many foreigners who come to Holland to work or to learn the Dutch language find it surprising that even the manager director of the company is called by his/her first name.

The Netherlands is a country that is simply made for bicycling. With its endless miles of cycle paths and flat terrain, cycling is enjoyable, relaxing, and more often than that a necessary way of transportation. The Dutch love their bikes and have a special, widely used biking infrastructure. Besides biking, public transportation like city buses, metros, trams (streetcars), fast trains, intercity trains, and ferries are common ways to come from A to B locations.

Traditional festivities
One very famous traditional festivity in the Netherlands is the festivity 'Sinterklaas'. Sinterklaas or known as St. Nicholas (patron of children) is a well-known figure during this festivity. This festivity is special in families with little children and is celebrated on the 5th of December (this is the counterpart of the evening of Christmas to Filipino tradition). On this date, also known as 'pakjesavond' Sinterklaas rides his horse over the roofs of the houses to bring the little children presents. During the period leading up to Sinterklaas, they also find small presents in shoes they have left out near the chimney full.

Another traditional festivity is King's day or 'Koningsdag'. This is celebrated in honor of the King's birthday and it falls on the 27th of April. On this day people sell their belongings that they don't use anymore on the street and wear symbolic orange clothes. During the celebration, every town celebrates it with customary family-oriented activities and the best place to experience it is in the streets of Amsterdam